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MAC Agent Release Notes


Currently in Open Beta. Latest version is 1.0

Known Bugs

  • Approving via Approval Request requires policy deployment
  • Unable to disable products 
  • Application Control - Unable to set policy for specific interface
  • Application Control - Default Deny policy is not created by default
  • Storage Control - Unable to use Apple's storage interface in policy
  • ThreatLocker Tray - No popup for Maintenance Modes


  • Baselining applications during ThreatLocker installation
  • Automatic Learning to Computer and Groups
  • Permitting applications by Hash as well as Custom Rules when attached to a policy
  • Application Control Default Deny Policy at the bottom of the policy hierarchy to secure machines and only permit what is explicitly allowed
  • Supports Learning Mode, Installation Mode, and Monitor Only
  • Storage Control supports auditing of external storage, custom paths, and specified local folders
  • Monitor and denying on storage for all external storage as well as specified local folders
  • Network Access Controls (NAC) supports Authorization Hosts as well as updating IPs for objects
  • Tamper Protection to stop unauthorized users from disabling ThreatLocker