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ThreatLocker Built-In Applications

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For convenience, ThreatLocker provides Built-In Application Definitions for many popular business applications. These are predefined Application Definitions that are created and maintained by ThreatLocker. They contain all the files required to run an application. This will include not only the EXE file but every file that is needed by that application, including any prerequisite DLL files. 

Many DLL files are shared across multiple different Applications. For example, if Application A, Application B, and Application C all use the DLL named myexample.dll, myexample.dll will be included in Built-In Application A, Built-In Application B, and Built-In Application C. 

ThreatLocker does not require that you use any Built-In Application Definitions if you choose not to. The Built-Ins are provided for convenience. Users that wish to create and maintain their own Application Definitions are welcome to do so.  

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