Network Control and LAN-Based Connection Traffic

1 min. readlast update: 01.12.2024

ThreatLocker recognizes the unique challenge to customers who utilize both a Local Access Network and a Wide Access Network.

When your computers and servers communicate within the same LAN, the ThreatLocker Agent will utilize a challenge and response protocol directly between the two devices running ThreatLocker 8.2 and above. This allows for faster updating of the dynamic ACLs and will also support Objects in a single LAN multi-WAN environment.

The settings for this can be configured by navigating to Network Control Policies page and selecting the Settings button towards the top left of the page. In the Network Control Settings popup, you can enable or disable the Network Control Challenge, specify the port number, and set the timeout duration. 


Please note: This is required for a single LAN, multi-WAN environment to utilize Objects for their Network Control Policies. 

For customers running ThreatLocker Version 8.0 and below, along with customers who do not enable the Network Challenge, Authorization Hosts with Keywords are the only solution to a conflicting public IP address private IP address drawn from different firewalls on the same Local Access Network. 

For more information, see the LAN & WAN Interactions lesson included in the ThreatLocker Univeristy Network Control course.

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