MAC Agent Installation

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This article will outline the process of installing MAC computers on the ThreatLocker platform.

If you do not have one already, you will need to create a Computer Group for MACs, as outlined here: KB: MAC Agent Computer Group Creation. 

Continue by downloading the ThreatLocker MAC Agent from the ThreatLocker Portal.  

Navigate to the Computers Page. Click the ‘Install New Computer’ button.  

Select your MAC group from the Computer Group dropdown

The PKG Installer will be available to download.

You will be prompted to allow notifications from the ThreatLocker UIAgent. 

Select ‘ALLOW’.  



After opening the MAC PKG file that was downloaded from the Computers Page, a window will pop up. 

A pop-up will appear, stating: ‘System Extension Blocked’.   




Click on ‘Open System Settings’. 

Privacy and Security settings will appear, giving you the option to ‘Allow’ ThreatLocker. 




You will then be prompted to allow the following: “ThreatLocker” Would Like to Filter Network Content.

Click ‘Allow’.  




You may be prompted to ‘Grant Full Disk Access’ per the following screenshot below.




If you are running an older MAC Agent Version, you may be asked to enter your Group Key for the corresponding MAC Group which you created. The Group Key can be found in the name of the downloaded PKG Installer.  For more assistance finding your Group Key, see MAC Agent Group Key Location | ThreatLocker Help Center ( .




After adding the group key and clicking ‘Enter’, the following notifications will appear:




Upon clicking on the above notifications, a separate window will appear which allows you to confirm that both ‘ThreatLocker’ and ‘ThreatLocker, Inc.’ are enabled. If they are not automatically enabled, you can manually toggle them on to enable them. 




Once those Login Items are confirmed as enabled, your MAC should check into the portal and log policy activity appropriately. 

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