MAC Agent Group Key Location

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Group Key (InstallKey) Location

Before installation, you will need to retrieve your Group Key from the ThreatLocker Portal.

Please note: This is NOT the same as the Unique Identifier that is found on the Computers Page > Install New Computers window.   

If you do not already have a MAC Computer Group, you need to create one for your MAC computers. For instructions on how to create a separate group, see the associated article

Navigate to the 'Computers Page' and switch to the 'Computer Groups Tab'. Click the group you'd like to install your Mac devices into.  

The Group Key will be shown as the Install Key in the 'Edit Computer Group' popup window:

Take note of your Group Key (InstallKey), as you may need it during the installation of the Mac agent.

The Group Key is also included in the name of the PKG file.

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