How to Use a Template Organization

2 min. readlast update: 05.02.2023

You can create a template organization under your parent organization to easily duplicate modules, policies, and options when creating a new child organization.

Begin by navigating to the Organizations page

Select the ‘+ Organization’ button at the top of the page


Name your new Template Organization ‘Template’ and enter 'Template' in the Identifier area as well. Then, select your Time Zone and navigate to the Options tab.


In the Options tab, you can select which options you would like to include in your template by expanding the drop-down menu, selecting the desired option, and clicking Add. For more information about the Options Tab, see Options Tab: Choices and Descriptions: for the Computers Page, the Computer Groups Page, and the Entire Organization Page | ThreatLocker Help Center ( 

While adding options to a template is convenient, these options should be used with extreme care as changing these options may greatly impact ThreatLocker’s ability to monitor and secure your environment. 

Once you have added your desired Options, click Save.


You can now select which modules to include in your template from the Modules drop-down menu. These are the modules that will be selected by default, or inherited, each time you create a new child organization.

For more information on Module options, see this article. 


Once you have your modules selected, click on the manage organization icon.


Next, expand the Modules drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen to add policies to your template.


For more information about creating and managing policies, search our Knowledge Base. Some articles include:

 Managing Application Policies | ThreatLocker Help Center 

Storage Control Policies | ThreatLocker Help Center 

Network Access Control (NAC) | ThreatLocker Help Center  

These policies will also be inherited by new child organizations.

From this point forward, clicking the +Organiztion button will copy these Module choices, Policies, and Options into all new organizations.

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