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Creating a New Organization

View in Browser

Navigate to the Organizations Page.


Choose the 'New Organization' button at the top of the screen. It will populate a window where you can configure the settings for your new organization.  

General Tab

Under the 'General' tab, you can enter the name of the organization. In the 'Identifier' blank, you will need to put the name of the organization as it is in your RMM if you use one. This is the field that ThreatLocker matches when running deployment scripts. If no organization is matched, ThreatLocker will create a new organization with the specified 'Identifier'. The time zone of the organization can also be set here.    


 Security Settings Tab

The 'Security Settings' tab is where you can specify if your organization is ITAR Compliant. 


 Exclusions Tab

The 'Exclusions' tab is where entire directories can be listed to have ThreatLocker disregard them. This is not something ThreatLocker ever recommends doing. If you have certain paths that need to be excluded, meaning ThreatLocker doesn't monitor them, you can set those exactly where they need to be set, per Policy.  


Branding Tab

The 'Branding' tab is where you can customize the ThreatLocker tray and popup window icon. 



Under 'App Name' you can specify the name of the app as it will appear in your user popup windows. In the photo below, the name is called out in a red rectangle.

'Logo' is where you can link to a web-hosted image to replace the logo on the popup window your end users will receive. The size of the logo can be up to 125 x 125 and must be a .jpeg. In the photo below, the logo is called out by a red arrow. For details on how to implement popup branding, please see our KB article located here

'Tray Icon' is where you can link to a 16 x 16 .ico file to change the little tray icon. You may also choose to hide or disable this tray icon by typing (hide) or (disable) in this textbox. In the small photo below, the tray icon is called out by a red rectangle. For details on how to implement tray branding, please see the KB article located here.