How to Use a Template Computer Group

2 min. readlast update: 06.20.2024

You can create a template computer group in your parent organization, and easily duplicate policies to computer groups in other organizations with that template.

Begin by managing your parent organization.

Next, navigate to the Computer Groups at the top right from the Computers page.

Select the '+ Computer Group' button at the top of the page.

Name your group Template-{enter group name here}. In our example, we named the Template group 'Template-testgroup'. This creates a group that will not have any policies created by default. You can add in all the policies you wish to duplicate here through Application Control.  

Please note: Do not add any of the ThreatLocker Default Policies to this empty template group. The ThreatLocker Default Policies will be added to the new computer group you will be creating to receive these duplicated policies.




Navigate to the Organizations page. 

Select the Organization you want to copy these policies to.



Navigate to the Computer Groups at the top right from the Computers page while managing this child organization.

Select '+ Computer Group' from the top of the page to create a group that will receive the templated policies.



In the popup window, name this computer group the second half of the name of your template group. In our example, our template is named Template-testgroup, and our target group is named testgroup.  



Navigate to Modules > Application Control > Policies at the top right.

Select this group from the dropdown menu under 'Applies To'. You will see that this group contains all the default ThreatLocker policies, including the default deny policy, and also all the policies you had created in the template group. 



You can repeat this process across multiple child organizations as needed.

 Additionally, new child organizations will have copied policies under "Entire Organization" from an existing Template child organization.

To implement this process, first create a new child organization named Template.

Next, the New Template organization should create default groups without policies. We suggest using the naming convention: Template-{GroupName}

Following these steps, any new child organizations under the parent organization will pull products and policies from the Template organization 

Note: In the event that a Template organization doesn’t exist, only products will be pulled from the parent organization. 

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