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Datto Integration

The following covers use for both Datto RMM and Datto PSA.

Datto RMM

On the main page you may enable Datto RMM.


In this section, you will have the options to select your RMM Zone and enter your API Credentials.

An API Key and API Secret Key must be generated for each user. For more information on how to retrieve this information, navigate to Datto API and select 'Activate the API'.

Once credentials have been successfully validated, you will obtain access to the Deployment Tab.


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You will be presented with a list of all your RMM Sites on the left-hand side, with the option to select all.


Select the sites you would like to deploy to and select the component you wish to use on the right-hand side.

AutoPush: Enabling Auto Push will ensure that the component is deployed to all devices in the selected RMM Sites, on a recurring schedule, once a day. 

Selecting Push will deploy the selected component to all devices under the checked RMM Sites.


Datto PSA

On the main page you may enable Datto PSA:


In this section you will have the option to enter your Datto PSA API User Credentials.

Once credentials have been entered you may select Save and Validate. Upon successful validation, Company Mapping and Ticket Settings will be available.

Company Mapping


Here you will see a list of your ThreatLocker Organizations (under the currently managed account). This page enables you to map your existing ThreatLocker Organizations to your existing PSA Companies. Successful mapping is needed in order for tickets to be created correctly.

Select Save to save your changes.


Ticket Settings


Under Ticket Settings you will be presented with your current queues, statuses, and priorities. Here you may select the desired settings for your tickets.

Select Save when complete to save your changes.



No Components are listed in the drop down of the Deployment section.

  • Double check your component name within Datto. It must be named "ThreatLocker" without quotations and with a capital 'T' and 'L' in order to populate in the field.