Trial Expiry

1 min. readlast update: 09.01.2022

ThreatLocker trials by default are 14 days long. While you are on trial, at the top of every page in the ThreatLocker Portal, there will be a banner containing a trial countdown that informs you of the date that your trial will be ending.  

Click this banner to be taken directly to your quote. Once the quote is signed, you will no longer be on trial, and the countdown will be removed from the ThreatLocker Portal.

If the quote isn't signed before the trial period expires, once you log into the ThreatLocker Portal, you will be taken directly to your quote.  

Once you sign the quote, your ThreatLocker Portal access will be restored.

If you are not interested in signing your quote and would like to remove the ThreatLocker Agent from your endpoints, you will need to reach out to your salesperson to have your trial extended for 1 day so you can disable Tamper Protection on your endpoints and uninstall the ThreatLocker Agent. For assistance with uninstalling, see the associated article here.

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