ThreatLocker Health Service

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This article will cover both how to check to see if the Health Service is already installed, and how to actually install it on a device.

If you are using a continuous deployment script, the Health Service will automatically be installed according to the deployment interval you have set (e.g. daily).

Check to see if the Health Service is installed

  •  In the Windows Services application, search for 'HealthTLService'. The screenshot below shows the absence of HealthTLService.
Note: On older versions of ThreatLocker, the Health Service is named "HealthTService" 
  • If 'HealthTLService' is not present in Services, you will need to download our Stub Installer. Below are links to directly download the ThreatLocker Stub Installer. Select the correct link depending on your OS architecture.

ThreatLocker Stub installer (64-bit) Download

ThreatLocker Stub installer (32-bit) Download

Installing the Health Service

  • Run the Stub Installer on the affected PC. A Command Prompt window will open very briefly stating that the Health Service is being installed.
  • Open the Services Application once again (or refresh) and locate HealthTLService to confirm it was successfully installed. The Health Service will be stopped but present. Start the Health Service shown in the image below.

  • After starting, restart the Health Service by clicking 'Restart' after it has started. This will eliminate a 10-minute delay on initial service start.
Note: If the service does start on its own, it will still be necessary to restart the service


Give the service up to 5 minutes to bring the computer back online - during that time it will be checking and repairing the ThreatLockerService and components.

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