Known Issue: Applications May Not be Able to Run as Admin when Updating from Agent Version 7.8.x

1 min. readlast update: 03.17.2023


It has been reported that during the update process from Agent Version 7.8.x to 7.9 or greater, applications may not be able to run as admin. 

The issue is caused by a new file of ThreatLockerConsent, which is used for elevating programs when using elevation, and the old file being renamed. Because the service is trying to access a mismatched version when an application is elevated, it causes a validation error and prevents elevation of any sort, even if you are using regular Windows elevation. 

The solution to this is to restart the service, which allows the update process to complete. If you are forcing an update, you should restart the service twice. The first time will force a download, and the second should be completed 4+ minutes later (to allow the download to complete) and will force the service to use the new files. If you are experiencing the issue, it means the file has already been downloaded, and a single restart of the service should suffice.

You can restart the ThreatLockerService from the ThreatLocker portal. Instructions are below.

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