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Deploying ThreatLocker using Atera - PowerShell Script

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The following steps demonstrate how to deploy ThreatLocker to your clients utilizing a PowerShell script via Atera.

Important Notes:

PowerShell 4.0 is required for this method to work.
It is best to run the script found below against clients one at a time, as you need to pass the Organization Name into the script as a variable.

Creating the Script

In Atera:

  • Navigate to the Admin area.
  • Select Scripts under Monitoring.
  • On the next screen, select Create Script.
  • Enter a Description and Filename.
  • Confirm that .ps1 is selected as the script type.
  • In the script editor section, copy the contents from the file located here.
  • Change the $identifier variable on line 4 of the script to include your ThreatLocker identifier.

For information on how to locate your ThreatLocker Identifier please review our article: How to Locate Your Unique Identifier.

  • Select Save.


  • Navigate to your Devices list and filter by the company you wish to deploy ThreatLocker to.
  • Select all devices.
  • Select the install-threatlocker script > Next.
  • Add the organization name as you want them to appear in ThreatLocker.
  • Select Run Script.

After a few minutes the agents should begin to appear in the ThreatLocker Portal.