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Customer Deal Registration

 A Customer Deal Registration is when a ThreatLocker Partner provides identification information (the domain) of a client/prospect in order to remain the selling entity, barring the client/prospect from going around the partner to buy directly from ThreatLocker. 

 How does it protect ThreatLocker Partners? 

 If the provided client/prospect domain attempts to purchase directly from ThreatLocker, the client/prospect will be directed back to the registered partner for up to one year. 

What is not protected by Customer Deal Registration?

 You are not protected from another MSP registering the same client/prospect or selling to that client/prospect. 

For more information, please see the Customer Deal Registration ThreatLocker University Course.

How to Register a Client/Prospect's Domain

To register one client/prospect's domain, 

  1. Navigate to the ThreatLocker Portal Organizations page.
  2. Click the edit (pencil) icon next to the appropriate organization.
  3. In the pop-up, navigate to the Domains tab.
  4. Input Domain Name and click Add
  5. Save

To bulk register multiple client/prospect domains

  1. Navigate to the ThreatLocker Portal Organizations page.
  2. Click Bulk Import Domains (Be sure to allow popups)
  3. Click Start Import
  4. Upload the data from an accepted file type or manually enter the data in the provided columns.
  5. Click Continue
Note: If you attempt to add a domain that already exists, a message will pop up in the portal to let you know the domain is registered elsewhere. It will still be added to your organization.