Configuring with DUO Authentication

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ThreatLocker can be integrated with dual-factor authentication from DUO.

When you are first configuring this DUO integration, ThreatLocker recommends you have a separate browser open and logged into your ThreatLocker Portal in the event the integration does not get configured correctly so that you can still gain access to edit the Integration settings, or the Administrators Page MFA settings. 

To Enable dual-factor authentication with DUO:

  1. Login to Threalocker Portal
  2. Select Integrations > New Integration
  3. Select the DUO icon
  4. Enter Integration Key;
  5. Enter Secret Key;
  6. Enter API Hostname; and
  7. Select Save.


To get DUO authentication integration details:  

  • Log in to the Duo Admin Panel and navigate to Applications  
  • Click Protect an Application and locate Partner Auth API in the Applications list > Click Protect this Application to get your integration key, secret key, and API hostname.  
Note: Parter Auth API must be selected - Admin API will not work for this configuration.
  • Note the Auth details: 
  • Scroll down to Settings and enter ThreatLocker in the Name field  
  • Use these details in the New Integration pop-up, to enable dual authentication factor with DUO. 


For a user to authenticate to ThreatLocker Portal using DUO:  

  • Username is added in DUO 
  • Username or username alias is the same as the ThreatLocker user (e.g. if ThreatLocker portal user is, the same username or username alias must be added in DUO)
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Ensure created user has Mobile device enabled to use Push functionality  

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