Deploying ThreatLocker with the Stub Installer

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Download the Stub Installers

Stub Installers can be located in 3 separate locations:

  • The Computers Page
  • The Computer Groups Page
  • The Deployment Center

For more information about downloading stub installers, please see ThreatLocker Stub Installer | ThreatLocker Help Center ( 

Using the Stub Installers

The Stub Installer requires internet access to complete. It is the preferred method of deployment as it will always grab the latest stable version of ThreatLocker to install.

The Stub Installers can support the following switches:

  1. InstallKey
  2. Company
  3. GroupName
  4. Key
  5. Uninstall
  6. ProxyURL (can use either http or https, and can be used with or without a port #)

To use the stub installers to install, you need to either provide the InstallKey for the group, or the Company, GroupName, and Key.

e.g. (With Group Install Key) ThreatLockerStubX64.exe InstallKey="defhjij32jrewfkjh921"

e.g. (By Company and Group Names) ThreatLockerStubX64.exe Company="Acme" GroupName="Workstations" Key="dfesdafew-fwef-ewf-ew-fweffwef"

e.g (With ProxyURL) ThreatLockerStubX64.exe ProxyURL="" or ProxyURL=""

The Key is provided to you by ThreatLocker and can be found by navigating to the Computers page and selecting the "Install New Computer" button. The unique identifier is the Key required.

The Company and GroupName are matched to existing Organizations under your ThreatLocker account by name. If there isn't a match, ThreatLocker will create the Organization for you. By default, all Organizations have a "Workstations" and a "Servers" computer group.

When parsing the switches, do not use "/" or "-" before the switch.

The inputs after each switch should directly follow the "=" and be contained within the quotation marks "".

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