ThreatLocker Stub Installer

1 min. readlast update: 04.06.2023

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ThreatLocker recommends using the Stub Installer over the MSI Installer whenever possible. It will be the most up-to-date version of ThreatLocker assigned to your account, and it also includes a Health Service that can repair potential problems, and keep the ThreatLocker Service running.

Locating the Stub Installer

To obtain your Stub Installer, navigate to the Computers page and click on 'Install New Computer', accept the EULA, and then the RMM and Script Deployment window will populate which contains the Stub Installers for your organization's computer groups. 


The Stub installer is also located directly in the Deployment Center. 

There are different Stub Installers for the computer groups in your organization. By default, there are Workstations and Servers groups. You can create as many computer groups as you'd like within your ThreatLocker Organization and they will each have their own installers available in this window. Download the Stub Installer for the computer group that you are installing into.


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