Windows 11 Upgrade and ThreatLocker

2 min. readlast update: 12.27.2021

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During the upgrade process to Windows 11, Windows can remove some security programs, and we have seen instances where this has included ThreatLocker.  

This process results in the computer being left without the ThreatLockerService. It deletes the ThreatLockerService but the ThreatLockerDriver, all files, and settings remain intact. The Health Service will also remain intact and will automatically resolve this within 30 seconds. 

The Health Service will be called HealthTLService in your Services list.  

Note: On older version of ThreatLocker, the Health Service is named "HealthTService" 

The Health Service is included in newer versions of the ThreatLocker Stub Installer. It will not be included in any MSI installations, or if an older Stub Installer was used and then the ThreatLocker Version was updated through the portal.

If you have any machines affected by this that do not have the Health Service installed, simply running the Stub Installer will install the ThreatLocker Service, resolving the issue, as well as install the Health Service to prevent similar future issues. Instructions for downloading our Stub Installer can be found here.  

Using a continuous deployment script will ensure that you have the Health Service installed and ThreatLocker securing your machines.  

For assistance with setting up a continuous deployment script, to verify that your scripts are set up correctly, or for more information, please come through to our Cyber Heroes.

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