Why is an application that matches a built-in application being blocked?

1 min. readlast update: 10.11.2021

Why is an application that matches a Built-In Application being blocked?

ThreatLocker creates pre-defined definitions of Applications that include a list of files that are required to run those Applications. When those Applications update, ThreatLocker monitors them and adds the new files into the definition. 

When your computer is initially profiled, we will try to match existing installed Applications to known Built-In Definitions. If we can add them, we will automatically create a Policy for that Application. If you are running an outdated version of an Application, we may not be able to match it and create a custom Policy. 

Just because an Application is known, it does not mean it should be permitted. Even known Applications can be weaponized and used against you. For example, an attacker could misuse TeamViewer. We recommend you only permit Applications that are used in your business. This lowers the likelihood of an attack using malware, or even the weaponization of good Applications. 

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