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Updating ThreatLocker to the Latest Version

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The ThreatLocker agent can be upgraded per group of computers; this is done from the Computer Groups page.

Select the Group or Groups that you want to update, and click the Update ThreatLocker Version button at the top of the page.


Then select the desired version from the dropdown, and click the Update button.


Updating Your Clients' ThreatLocker Versions

This can be done when managing your customers using the method above. When managing your own Organization, there is a checkbox on the Computer Groups page to "Show Groups for child organizations ".


When checked, the groups for all your clients will also show in the list allowing you to select them and update using the ThreatLocker Version button as above.

Note: Before the version changes can take effect, the ThreatLocker Service will need to be restarted twice. The first restart pulls the download files manually, second restart (after the next check in) applies the update. You can allow this to happen organically with a computer restart or you can force a service restart from the computers page.

For assistance restarting the ThreatLocker Service, please see our associated article here.

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