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ThreatLocker Version 7.5 (Beta) Release Notes

Known Issue: 7.5 is NOT compatible with Windows Server 2008.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Added cloud-based installation option for processing Approval Requests
  • Resolved an issue some customers experienced with NAC Keywords needing to be added to policies on both the client and server machines in order to function properly
  • Performance improvements regarding Checking for Updates
  • Resolved an issue where some customers saw an increase in CPU if updates.threatlocker.com was restricted on their firewall
  • Fixed an issue some customers had when using NAC and port 8810 was already in use
  • Added additional logging for DLLs being called by dotNet
  • Improvements to the cleanup process of old/unused MD5 cache files
  • Added extra logic to handle the increased number of executions seen by RMMs and Anti-Viruses