ThreatLocker Portal Performance

2 min. readlast update: 10.11.2021

Over the last two weeks, we have received a number of complaints about performance issues. The issues do not appear to be affecting every customer but are significant for those who have been affected. ThreatLocker has substantially grown over the past three months which is contributing to some of the performance issues but should not cause significant performance issues. 

Of the cases that have been reported, they are not the same cause. ThreatLocker logs substantial amounts of data and uses various structures to store the collected data. Each customer points to various databases during their use of the portal, and those databases are spread across multiple clusters. Given the large volume of data that ThreatLocker records, we rely heavily on SQL indexing to ensure fast delivery of data. Unfortunately, SQL indexes rely on statistics, which essentially means not every data profile is the same, so indexes may need to be modified on a customer-by-customer basis. 

If you are experiencing performance issues, there are things we can do to resolve the issue. Given there are lots of different databases and tables that could be called, the best way to resolve the issue is to send a video of your issue when you have it. The video should show the URL, the full action you are performing, e.g. Searching the Unified Audit, and the date/time the issue occurred. By collecting this information, we are able to see where your issue is, replicate it and resolve it.  


Once we receive a video, we will review your query and make changes to help improve the portal's performance and enhance your user experience. 

You can either send it directly into a Cyber Hero Support session or direct it towards

We have also added performance monitors across the board. We are making adjustments as we see delays, but automatic performance monitors do not always record user behavior.  

We appreciate you being a ThreatLocker customer and thank you for your patience.

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