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ThreatLocker Agent Tray Revamped

We are very excited to announce the release of ThreatLocker 5.29. The new build brings a lot of exciting new features. We are inviting our partners to test it out in none critical environments. The more people we onboard for testing, the better we can prepare for compatibility with your other products. 

New and improved ThreatLocker tray. 

You can now see all blocked items in the tray, whether they are hidden or not, by right-clicking on the ThreatLocker tray icon and clicking Blocked Items. .



A new request permission screen allows the user to enter an email address for the reply to go to and a reason they want the new software.


New Request Memory top Stop Repeated Requests

Request memory means no more repeat tickets. We want to reduce the number of tickets you get, and there is nothing more frustrating than a user requesting the same chrome extension every day. With the new tray, once a request has been sent, the user will no longer be prompted with a popup. The deny will be silent (it still be able to view from the blocked items page). This is expected to reduce tickets by over 90% and reduce user popups.  

New My Administrator is Present Look and Feel

My Administrator is Present now supports dual-factor authentication and offers all of the advanced features on the new permit page.  


  • Check Virus Total
  • View on Chrome and Edge Stores
  • System Lookup
  • Ringfencing Support


Improved Ringfencing Logic

ThreatLocker now ringfences by the ProcessID as well as the name. This improves security and stops software from renaming itself after loading. 

Preview of PowerShell Commands

You can now see a preview of PowerShell Commands in the unified audit. So you will not be blind to what is happening in PowerShell. 


Support for Active Directory Nested Group and Improvements

You can now create policies on Active Directory Groups without using the Sync tool. You can enter the full group DN in the groups' section, and if the user is a member, it will apply. 

Fixes and minor improvements 

  • There was an issue resolved where the database or key Windows Hashes got stuck trying to transfer over from a previous version. This issue has been resolved. 
  • Added a feature to auto recover corrupt core files by redownloading them. 
  • Fixed an issue where items may not be logged when the core files are corrupt. 

We invite you to upgrade to the latest ThreatLocker 5.29. Please report any issues to the ThreatLocker cyber heroes. 

 Log into the ThreatLocker Portal. 

  1. Select the Computer Groups page. 
  2. Select the group you wish to test on. 
  3. Select the "Update ThreatLocker Version" 
  4. Select 5.28
  5. Wait for 2-3 minutes to give the agent chance to download the new build. 
  6. Select the computers page. 
  7. Select your computer, and select Restart Service. 
  8. Your computer should check in with 5.29 within a few minutes.  
  9. Because 5.29 includes an upgrade to the ThreatLocker tray, you will either need to log out and into your computer to open the new tray. Or kill the ThreatLockerTray process and reopen it from c:\program files\threatlocker\threatlockertray.exe.

We appreciate you being a ThreatLocker Customer.  

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