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ThreatLocker Access gives you control of which ThreatLocker staff can access your account and whether they can view it only or make changes on your behalf.

By default, Solutions Engineers will have Full Control access to your account. During your trial, we recommend you keep this set at Full Control so your Solutions Engineers can make changes on your behalf and assist you with the onboarding process.  

Also by default, the Cyber Heroes will have Read-Only access to your account.

If you have Cyber Hero Management, the Cyber Heroes will need to have Full Control access to your account.

The ThreatLocker Access setting will need to be set for each organization and will be in effect on all customers within that organization.

Changing Your ThreatLocker Access Settings

These settings will only be editable by a Super-Admin on your ThreatLocker Account. To change either of these settings, first ensure you are managing the organization you wish to change the settings on. Navigate to the ThreatLocker Access section located below the Security Center on the left-side menu.


Under the selected heading, Solutions Engineer or Cyber Heroes, select Full Control, Read-Only, or None from the corresponding dropdown menu.

  • Full Control - This gives the selected staff group full access to view and make changes to your account. (e.g. create policies, permit files, change computer modes)
  • Read-Only - This gives the selected staff group the ability to view your account, but not make any changes. (e.g. view your audit activity or policies but not make any changes)
  • None - This setting will prevent the selected staff group from viewing or making any changes to your account.  

Please note: ThreatLocker Staff will be unable to change this setting on your behalf.

To allow the Cyber Heroes or your Solutions Engineer to view your account, you will need to enable 'Read-Only' access. You can do this at the time you need assistance, and turn the access back to 'None' after you have been assisted, if desired.


In order for the Cyber Heroes or Solutions Engineers to make any changes within your account, you will need to grant them 'Full Control'. Just as above, you can enable this during the time you are being assisted and then return the setting to 'None' when finished.


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