Setting Up SMS Alerts for ThreatLocker Requests

2 min. readlast update: 01.28.2022

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You can set any Deny Policy with the option to request to notify you via SMS message when a user requests permission for an item that was blocked by that Policy. You will need to add your cell number to the notifications for the Policy you wish to be alerted for.

Many people set this on their Default Policy.


Log into the ThreatLocker Portal and navigate to Application Control > Policies under the Organization you want to receive alerts for.


Select the desired group from the 'Applies To' dropdown list in the top right corner.


Select Edit on the Policy you wish to add this on. Our example shows the Default Policy.


Under "Do you want to allow the User to request access?" select "Yes".

Under the "Do you want to notify administrators when a user requests permission? " section, select "Notify the following admins".


Input your cell number, prefixed with sms: (e.g. sms:5556661234) and select 'Add'.

Note: Any non US cell numbers require the country code to be added (i.e. UK numbers require +44 instead of the number, e.g. sms:+447789456123).

Once added, select Save, then click 'Deploy Policies'.

When a user requests access to a file blocked by this policy, a text message with a link to the Approval Page for the request will be sent to the number specified.

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