Setting the ThreatLocker Agent Update Channel

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The ThreatLocker Update Channel can be set on an individual group basis. This will determine the speed at which the group will have its ThreatLocker Version automatically updated.

To alter your settings, navigate to the Computers > Groups page.

Change Update Channel on All Groups

To change the Update Channel for all groups, select the three horizontal lines button at the top of the page. Next, select the 'Change Update Channel (ALL)' button.  

In the popup window, select the desired Channel option.

Press the 'Update All' button to change the Update Channel on all groups to the new selection.


Change Update Channel on Selected Groups

To change the Update Channel on selected groups, select the checkbox next to the group or groups you wish to change, then press the Change Update Channel button at the top middle of the screen.

Select the desired Channel Option and the press the 'Update {x} Groups' button.


Channel Option Definitions

  • Pre-releases - pre-release updates will be automatically pushed once the public beta is available. This option should only be used for non-production environments.
  • Expediated - updates will be automatically delivered as soon as they are released into production (live).
  • Regular (Default) - updates will be automatically released at regular speed beginning 24 hours after the expediated releases have completed.
  • Slow and Steady - updates will be automatically deployed beginning 24 hours after the Regular updates have completed.
  • Manual Updates - this is the least recommended as ThreatLocker will not update your groups and you will be solely responsible for updating your computers.


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