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Setting the ThreatLocker Agent Update Channel

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The ThreatLocker Update Channel can be set on an individual group basis. This will determine the speed at which the group will have its ThreatLocker Version automatically updated.

To alter your settings, navigate to the Computer Groups page.

Select the Group or Groups that you want to change, and select the "Change Update Channel" at the top of the page.


Then select the desired channel from the dropdown, and select the Update button.


  • Pre-releases - pre-release updates will be automatically pushed once the public beta is available. This option should only be used for non-production environments.
  • Expediated - updates will be automatically delivered as soon as they are released into production.
  • Regular (Default) - updates will be automatically released at regular speed after leaving a small waiting period after the expediated releases.
  • Slow and Steady - updates will be automatically deployed after a waiting period after the Expediated and Regular Updates have been fully deployed.
  • Manual Updates - this is the least recommended as ThreatLocker will not update your groups and you will be solely responsible for updating your computers.

Note: Due to an issue identified with Webroot, the automatic pushout of ThreatLocker updates has been slowed down. If you wish to update manually, rather than waiting for automatic, you may do so by following the steps described here: https://threatlocker.kb.help/updating-threatlocker-to-the-latest-version/ 

We are awaiting confirmation, but we believe Webroot may have applied a fix for this issue, so the normal speed of our deployments should speed up.  

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