Proxy Benefits and Dangers

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ThreatLocker recommends for our clients to use our Knowledge Base article, Allowing ThreatLocker through your Firewall | ThreatLocker Help Center (, to open up the IP's on the firewall to our addresses. In the event that a client would prefer an alternative, ThreatLocker has an available proxy. The ThreatLocker Proxy allows organizations to dedicate a single computer to proxy all endpoint connections to the ThreatLocker Cloud.  

Benefits and Dangers 

A proxy has its benefits over a completely isolated system. For example, if all your machines are offline or don't have access to the Internet, for security purposes the benefit of having a proxy is that they can still get all the settings as if they were online. Using a proxy allows you to receive real time updates to security and make quick changes, independent of internet access, as if you were online. Allowing ThreatLocker through your Firewall is preferred to using a proxy because, in the event your proxy server goes down, none of your machines would be able to check-in or get up-to-date resources and files.   

 Note: ThreatLocker Proxy requires ThreatLocker Agent Versions 7.8.3 and above. Additionally, it requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later.
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