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Post Request URL

You can customize the text which appears on requests to access a storage device or run a new program. This can be done by clicking the pencil edit icon next to any policy with the actions deny and request. 


Additionally, you may specify a Redirect URL and replace any valid parameters proceeded and followed by "%%" with the corresponding value.  

Valid parameters include: 

  • %%hostname%%
  • %%filename%% 
  • %%approvalrequestid%% 
  • %%requestoremailaddress%%
  • %%username%% - (requires ThreatLocker Agent Version 8.1 or above)
  • %%actiontype%% - (requires ThreatLocker Agent Version 8.1 or above)  
Please note, these parameters are case sensitive and need to be all lowercase.

For example, a client is able to pass their API 2 values, hostname and filename, and use their API parameter names.  


Once this optional feature is configured, clicking the Send Request button will open a browser window displaying the specified URL on the requesting user's device.


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