Portal Release Notes - May 28th, 2021

4 min. readlast update: 05.28.2021

Approval Center Page

  • When searching the 'Approved' requests, it will list the requests in descending order by the date and time of the approval instead of the request date and time.
  • The 'Notes' section of request tickets has been increased from 1000 to 4000 characters.
  • We have added logic when processing requests in which ThreatLocker will suggest the rules it thinks you will need based on the file. For example, if there is a request for a .MSI file, when you open the Application Request, if you are not using a matching application, the checkbox next to 'Automatically catalog files that are installed using Installation Mode' will automatically be selected.  
  • When you are approving, if you select an application that has one of our suggested policies, you can use ThreatLocker's suggested Ringfencing policy if one exists, and that option will be selected by default under the 'Actions' section. This will be the same as what is listed in the 'Suggested Policies' section of the Application Control > Policies page.

Unified Audit Page

  • The 'Export' button has been changed to be more visible by saying "Export".
  • Resolved an issue where if you were filtering by Interface, it exported all the Unified Audit results instead of the filtered results.

Application Control > Policies

  • When editing or adding a policy, we have increased the schedule box to show an entire week's schedule when setting a policy schedule without the need to scroll. 
  • Resolved an issue where spaces at the beginning of a Ringfencing Exclusion were causing it to not be matched.

Storage Control > Policies Page

  • When you are editing a policy, you can now select multiple items in the "What programs does this policy apply to?" section of a Storage Control Policy to remove them.
  • When you are creating or editing a Storage Control Policy, we have increased the text window sizes so you can easily view more information.

Computers Page

  • The Edit Computer window now includes the Make and Model of the computer. (requires version 6.4 to populate)
  • We have consolidated the 'Restart Service' button to be a dropdown menu where you can select between 'Restart Selected' or 'Restart All' to quickly and easily restart the ThreatLocker service on your desired endpoints.
  • When viewing Maintenance Modes, the Maintenance Schedule will now include the ThreatLocker username of the person who scheduled the maintenance period.

Administrators Page 

  • When editing or adding an administrator, the 2-Factor Authentication section has been changed, and now if you select SMS for 2-Factor Authentication, you can test it by pressing the 'Test Now' button.
  • We have included user details (first and last name, title, and cell phone number that we will use to contact that user) when adding or editing an administrator.
  • When editing or adding an administrator, we have also added the ability to set up OTC (One-Time Code) for 2-Factor Authentication. This feature is currently in Beta and is in preparation for the release of our One-Time Code for logins.
  • We have added the ability to set up Passwordless Authentication when creating or editing an administrator in Beta in preparation for a future build. 
  • Also in Beta, when adding or editing an administrator, we have also added a section for setting up a mobile device in preparation for the upcoming release of our mobile app.

Integrations Page

  • We have resolved an issue where under certain circumstances while trying to manually map Duo aliases they weren't saving.

Organizations Page

  • We have added a Delete button at the top of the Organizations Page. You can select multiple organizations and then click 'Delete' to remove them. You can not delete your Parent organization or any organizations with computers in them. If you try to, you will receive an error.

ThreatLocker University

  • There is a link to ThreatLocker University in the portal menu. You can click the link to either create a new user or be taken to the login page for ThreatLocker University.

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