Portal Release Notes - Mar 17th, 2020

1 min. readlast update: 05.28.2021

 The following changes have been made to the portal. 

  1. Added the Application Name to the Unified Audit, this will show which application in a policy that was matched
  2. Added the full path of the Policy (i.e. Organization Name \ Group Name \ Policy Name) to the Unified Audit; this path is also a link that will open the policy
  3. Added the Date Created field to the Organizations Page
  4. Seperated the Active count on the Organizations page to a new "Active Licenses" column
  5. Added the Date Created column to the Application Policies Page
  6. Resolved an issue where deleted computers were still displayed when creating a new Policy
  7. Resolved an issue when Merging applications where it could fail to merge if the two applications were added to the same policy
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