Portal Release Notes - June 28, 2021

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  • We have added the ability to 'Override' your Cyber Hero Approval settings at the computer group level. For detailed instructions, click here.
  • For accounts with Cyber Hero Approvals enabled, any request that the Cyber Heroes are unable to process will be escalated to the MSP. Those escalated requests will be emailed to the administrator that has been designated, and in the Approval Center they will be highlighted and marked as 'Escalated from the ThreatLocker Cyber Heroes'.
  • OTC (One-Time Code) for 2-Factor Authentication has been fully released. For instructions on how to implement this, click here.
  • Passwordless authentication has been released for public Beta testing. For instructions on how to set this up, click here.
  • We have further improved the logic when processing application requests. ThreatLocker will recognize a file that is frequently changing hash and alert you in the Application Request window that you may want to manually choose options to create a rule for this file, and it will make recommendations on which options to use. Please note: These are only suggestions.

  • A new permission has been added to the Administrators permission dropdown menu: Elevation Administrator. This option will allow the administrator to enable an Elevation Maintenance Mode from the computers page.

  • This release fixes a bug with Active Directory Sync not populating correctly for some customers on Storage Control Policies.
  • We have also included general bug fixes and overall performance improvements. 

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