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Portal Release Notes - Jan 29th, 2021

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We have made multiple changes to the Unified Audit in the backend to improve search performance

We have added the ability to exclude items from the search by prefixing the field with an "!"

e.g. To exclude the path c:\example\* from the audit results, you need to input !c:\example\* into the Path search box

Following your feedback on our new Computers page, we have added further changes to make the process easier when switching a computer between Learning, Monitor Only, Installation, and Secured.


We have moved the Offline and Inactive status indicators under the Edit and Maintenance Mode buttons and added a dropdown list that indicates the computer's current status.

When a computer is fully Secured, the Secured icon and will display as selected in the list.


Selecting from the dropdown list allows you to toggle on Learning, Installation, and Monitor Only.


When selecting the items, a new section will display indicating the time when the selected mode will end, and buttons to quickly extend this by one hour or one day (these buttons will add time each time they are selected)


The selection of Learning or Installation includes a dropdown list indicating the application in which you are installing or learning into

Learning defaults to "< automatic Group >" which will permit ThreatLocker to profile the files into the appropriate application (System/Group/Computer based on your group settings)

Selecting Installation (or Learning if your Group is set to "Do not automatically create policies") requires you to select the application before it can start

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