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Portal Release Notes - Jan 13th, 2021

 The following changes have been made to the portal. 

  1. Maintenance Schedules have replaced Learning Mode, Tamper Protection, and Monitor Only (See "Maintenance Mode" in this article)
  2. Added the feature to mass Move Computers between Organizations and Groups (See "Move Computer" in this article)
  3. Added the feature to mass Remove offline computers from the portal
  4. Added a feature to Remove Unused Policies from a group (See "Remove Unused Policies Button" in this article)
  5. Added Icons to the Policies page to make it easier to identify the actions of a Policy (See "Policy Action Icons" in this article)
  6. Added a dropdown option to Deny and Ringfence policies to allow you to turn on Monitor Mode for the policy (See "Status" in this article)
  7. Added Paging to the Policies page to improve performance                                                            
  8. Added Paging to the Applications page to improve performance                                                
  9. Added the ability to alter the order of a Policy within a group by editing the order in a textbox on the Policies page (See "Reordering Policies" in this article)
  10. Added Tags for Network Ringfencing policies in preparation for the release of Agent 6.0 (Click Here for more information)
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