Portal Release Notes 12/13/21

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  • Added the visibility of Parent Applications in the Application dropdown lists for child accounts
  • Added the ability to enter comments when ignoring an Approval Request
  • Added more information to the System Audit when adding new files to an Application
  • Added a message to Integrations to prompt users to reach out to Support when setting up a new integration
  • Added support for European IT Glue
  • Improvements and bug fixes to the ConnectWise Integration
  • Made overall improvements to the Portal's performance
  • Fixed a bug where some customers were unable to link from a file in the Unified Audit to the Policy that matched the file because the link was disabled
  • Fixed a bug where for some customers, if a computer was in a permanent Monitor Only status, the Maintenance Mode wouldn't change from the quick dropdown menu
  • Fixed an issue with autofill when adding a credit card payment
  • Fixed an issue where some customers were unable to select a payment method
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