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Mac Agent Beta Testing

Download the ThreatLocker MAC Agent here: https://beta.threatlocker.com/ThreatLockerMAC.zip

Important: ThreatLocker Access for Cyber Heroes must be set to Read Only for organizations that are participating in the Mac Agent beta testing.  

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System - macOS 11 Big Sur. 11.5.2 specifically has been tested and proven to work 


  • Currently, the Mac Agent will log all files executing on the endpoint in the ThreatLocker Portal's Unified Audit page.  
  • No Policies or Applications are being created.  
  • There is no blocking capability at this time. 


For instructions on how to install the MAC Agent, see here https://threatlocker.kb.help/mac-agent-installation.

Bug Reporting

Known issues for the Mac Agent can be viewed here: https://threatlocker.kb.help/mac-agent-beta-testing-known-issues

To report any problems or errors, please reach out to the Cyber Heroes.