Known Issue: Some ActiveX .ocx Files Not Recognized as Executing Pre 7.9

1 min. readlast update: 03.27.2024

 Pre 7.9, an issue was identified with the detection and execution of .ocx files. 

Some .ocx files were not being detected by Microsoft Windows as executing, and thus ThreatLocker was unable to secure those files or log the activity within the Unified Audit. 

The ThreatLocker Solution

As a solution, ThreatLocker will now log all .ocx files as executables rather than read-only. This prevents .ocx files from running without being tracked or secured within the ThreatLocker platform.     

A KnowledgeBase article is available if your business needs an immediate plan to allow .ocx files to run, along with options on how to create policies which will allow .ocx files.  

ActiveX Control Files (.ocx) | ThreatLocker Help Center (  

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