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Note: Unless these are repeating they raise no concern. Connections between the Agent and API can be temporarily disrupted due to a number of reasons. The connections between the Agent and API run every 60 seconds.

This article will cover general Event Log errors experienced with a network disconnect while having ThreatLocker installed.


Unable to update computersettings:https://api.threatlocker.com//The operation has timed out

Network disconnect (Failure to communicate with the API). These errors might include:

  • Error -- Event ID-0 | GetPolicyVersion:The remote name could not be resolved: 'api.threatlocker.com' https://api.threatlocker.com/getpolicyver.ashx?computerid=
  • Error -- Event ID-0 | Unable to update computersettings:https://api.threatlocker.com/getcomputersettingjson.ashx?computerid=
  • Error -- Event ID-0 | Update Core Library:The remote name could not be resolved: 'core.threatlocker.com'https://core.threatlocker.com/getcore.ashx?computerid=
  • Error -- Event ID-0 | LogAction:Error Logging Action: The remote name could not be resolved: 'api.threatlocker.com' https://api.threatlocker.com/putaction.ashx?computerid=
  • Error -- Event ID-0 | DownloadApplicationHashRealtime:The remote name could not be resolved: 'api.threatlocker.com'https://api.threatlocker.com
  • Error -- Event ID-0| Unable to update computersettings:https://api.threatlocker.com/getcomputersettingjson.ashx?computerid=Unable to connect to the remote server

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