Email Parsing Rules in ConnectWise Manage

1 min. readlast update: 02.16.2020

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This article covers the setup to allow ThreatLocker requests to be translated into tickets in your ConnectWise Manage instance


Log into your ConnectWise Manage instance

Navigate to System > Setup Tables


Search for the Table "Email Connector" and select it

Select the email connector you wish to use

Select the Add + icon at the bottom of the page for Parsing Rules


Use "Custom" for "Folder Parsing Type" and input {company} - {problem} for the "Email Subject Line Parsing Rule"


This will now add the request under the Company that matches the Display Name in ThreatLocker

Setting the Ticket Options 

If you wish to set the ticket options for the ThreatLocker Requests, select the > icon next to the Parsing Rule


Select "{problem} / Problem Description" from the "Parsing Variable" dropdown list

Then input "ThreatLocker Request" (without the quotation marks) under "Text to search for"

You can now select the priority, status, type, subtype, and item for the tickets raised

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