Eaglesoft and ThreatLocker Computers Not Checking In

2 min. readlast update: 12.30.2022

There has been reported issues with machines running the ThreatLocker agent not successfully checking in to our portal with consecutive error logs (found in "log.txt") of "StartupWorker The type initializer for 'System.Net.ServicePointManager' threw an exception." while Eaglesoft was running on the machine. This appears to have been caused due to reported issues of Microsoft.NET and Eaglesoft conflicts causing a missing or corrupted config file called "machine.config" in the Microsoft.NET directory that is needed for our service to run successfully.

You can locate this file in the directory "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Config":


If you suspect this may be causing your computer to not check in to the ThreatLocker portal after reviewing the "log.txt" found in our Program Files directory (requires Tamper Protection disabled to view) and finding the errors "StartupWorker The type initializer for 'System.Net.ServicePointManager' threw an exception.", the fix is to verify the machine.config file for Microsoft.NET and checking if it is missing or corrupted. If it is seen to be missing or corrupted, you may be able to copy this file from a known to be good source or machine and replace it in the Microsoft.NET directory of the machine experiencing issues. A machine reboot is required after this step for the config file to be taken and for our service to be able to run properly.

We still encourage all of our partners to contact a Cyber Hero if you need assistance with a machine not checking in to the portal!

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