Deploying ThreatLocker with ConnectWise Automate

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Note: For organizations deploying to a large amount of endpoints, ThreatLocker recommends using a staggered deployment approach. Organizations that deploy to a large number of endpoints at once may experience increased bandwidth usage as Windows Core and application definitions are downloaded to each endpoint. QOS can be used to limit bandwidth to and

 The following steps demonstrate how to deploy ThreatLocker to your clients utilizing ConnectWise Automate. The script given below will attempt to match your clients in Automate to your Organizations in ThreatLocker. Should there happen to be no match found, the script will create a new Organization for you in the ThreatLocker Portal.

Note: We advise running this against a single PC first as the naming convention in Automate can lead to unexpected results.

Adding The Script

  • Get the latest deployment script for ConnectWise Automate from the Deploy Agents section of the Deployment Center in the ThreatLocker Portal. 
  • From the Control Center, navigate to System > General > Import > XML Expansion
  • Choose the ThreatLocker Deployment.xml script from the file directory and click Open
  • Click YES on the Import LabTech Expansion? Pop-up

Define Globals and Parameters

  • From the Control Center or the web portal, navigate to Automation > Scripts > View Scripts.
  • Double-click on the existing ThreatLocker Deployment Script you just added to open the Script Editor
  • Select the Globals and Parameters tab
  • Update the ThreatLockerAuthKey global parameter to your unique identifier from ThreatLocker. For more information on locating your unique identifier, please refer to our article, How to Locate Your Unique Identifier.

Deploying ThreatLocker

The script can be run against a single computer, groups of computers, or at the client/location level.  

To deploy,

  • Right-Click the computer, group, or level > Select Scripts > Software > ThreatLocker > ThreatLocker Deployment.

The script will place Servers in the Servers Group and Workstations in the Workstations Group.

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