Deploying ThreatLocker using SyncroRMM - PowerShell Script

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Note: For organizations deploying to a large amount of endpoints, ThreatLocker recommends using a staggered deployment approach. Organizations that deploy to a large number of endpoints at once may experience increased bandwidth usage as Windows Core and application definitions are downloaded to each endpoint. QOS can be used to limit bandwidth to and

Deploying ThreatLocker using SyncroRMM uses a PowerShell Script. The script found below deploys the ThreatLocker agent and automatically creates organizations in the ThreatLocker portal if they do not already exist. 

Adding a PowerShell Script

  • Log into your SycroMSP Account
  • Select Scripts from the Top Menu
  • Select the New Script Button

  • Enter a Name for the Script (E.g. ThreatLocker Deployment Workstations)
  • Mark the Script as a Favorite
  • Check "Available on Every Customer Portal"
  • Click the Add Variable Button
  • Enter the Variable Name as OrgName
  • Select the Variable Type as platform
  • Select the Value as customer_business_name.

Note: Ensure that the "Business Name" in Syncro is filled out. This is what the identifier in ThreatLocker Portal will be.

  • Get the latest Deployment Script for Syncro from the Deploy Agents section of the Deployment Center in the ThreatLocker Portal.
  • Copy and Paste the contents of the PowerShell script into the Script box. 
  • Replace the Authorization key with the Unique Identifier from your Install New Computers page. (see Getting your Unique Identifier from ThreatLocker)  
Please note that this is the Unique Identifier of your parent organization. Child organizations will automatically be provisioned under your parent organization according to your setup in Syncro.  

  • Click the Create Script Button. -- This script can now be used to deploy to all your organizations with no changes necessary.



Running the Scripts to Install ThreatLocker

  • Select the Assets and RMM menu item.
  • Select the Computer you want to install ThreatLocker on or alternatively, select the top checkbox to install ThreatLocker on all computers.

  • At the top select Manage > Run Script.... 


The computer should appear on the Computers page within about 90 seconds.

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