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Beginning with Portal version 1.8.2, we have introduced the feature to allow ThreatLocker administrators to add custom notes, or custom banners, to the portal. This note allows the display of a custom banner on the top of the portal for displaying important information that other ThreatLocker administrators may need to be aware of. Based on the type of note and where it is applied, restrictions are placed on the actions of computer maintenance modes until the note, or banner, is acknowledged.

You can find the Custom Note feature in three places in the portal:

  • Organizations Page: Next to the organization name
  • Computers Page: Next to individual computers under the Actions column
  • Computers Page -> Groups: Next to individual computer groups under the Actions column

Organizations Page:

Computers Page:

Computers Page -> Groups:

By clicking the "Add Note" button on the respective pages, you will be given options to configure the custom banner. The options include the following:

  • Applies To: This configures where the note and banner would be applied to. This will autoselect based on the respective use of the "Add Note" button.

  • Type: This is the type of note that would determine which specific pages, as long as the Applied To matches, would be displayed on. Example; Type set to "Enable/Disable Maintenance Mode" would show the banner where the Applies To configuration is fulfilled and where Maintenance Modes can be changed.

  • Severity: This would place the level of severity on the note for banner acknowledgement requirements before performing an action based on the Type.
    • Information: Banner is blue in color. This option only displays the custom banner without requiring acknowledgement to perform actions on the page.
    • Warning: Banner is yellow in color. This option requires the administrator to acknowledge the banner before allowing an action to be performed.
    • Severe: Banner is red in color. This option requires the administrator to acknowledge the banner before allowing an action to be performed.
    • Notes take a priority order based on the severity level. Severe will always display first, Warning would display next, and Information notes take least priority in displaying. They must be acknowledged in that order if more than one exist.

  • Expiration: This can be set to "No Note Expiration" to always display the note until it is cleared from the configuration, or you can use "Set Note Expiration" to make the note expire upon a selected date and time.
  • Note: This is the text that would display to administrators in the banner itself.

There is a section for Existing Notes for configured notes set to display along with the details of how it is being applied. This area allows the removal of a note if it is not set to expire or if you want to remove a note before expiration.

Acknowledging Severe or Warning notes is required before making a change to a computer's maintenance mode. This makes sure that administrators are aware of improtant information before making a change.

Relevant System Audit logs will be recorded upon acknowledgement of banners.


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