Creating a New Administrator

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Navigate to the Administrators page from the ThreatLocker menu.

You have two options: Invite, or New Administrator


Invite (recommended)

Select the Invite button from the top of the page.


Input the email address of the admininstrator you wish to invite.

Select 'Send Invitation' at the top of the page.


The administrator will receive an email with a link to create their portal account.

New Administrator

Select the 'New Administrator' button from the top of the page.

At a minimum, you will need to input the administrator's email address and password.

The password complexity requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum length of 9 characters
  • 1 capital letter
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 number
  • 1 special character (e.g. %,*,@)


You can select the checkbox next to 'Notify on Request' for this account allowing the email address to receive an email for all requests.

You can set up a passwordless pin for the new administrator if desired. Input the administrator's phone number. Specify a 4 - 8 digit PIN code. You will need to provide this PIN to the administrator. Then they will have the option to use passwordless login. They will receive an automated voice call upon login and need to input their PIN into the telephone to gain access to the portal.

You can also add a cell phone number for SMS dual-factor authentication.

When complete, select the 'Save' button in the top left corner.

The administrator will not receive an email when using this method; you will need to provide them with the password. Upon their first login, the new administrator will be prompted to provide more detailed information.  

By default, this new administrator will have the same permissions as the person creating the administrator account.  

Editing Administrator Permissions

Select the 'Edit' button next to the username of the administrator you wish to edit the permissions of.


Scroll to the bottom section of the edit window. Click the 'X' next to any permission you wish to remove. Select the specific permissions you wish to apply from the dropdown menu and click the 'Add' button between each one. Be sure to click the 'Save' button when you have finished making your selections.


For detailed information on the different User Permissions, please see our associated article here.

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