Agent Version 6.7 Release Notes

1 min. readlast update: 02.04.2022
  • Security Improvements to Tamper Protection
  • Performance Improvement when utilizing group membership
  • Health Service is now installed by the ThreatLocker Service
  • Added the ability to customize computer names upon installation by a script using the Stub Installer
  • Fixed an issue with .ps1 files and baselining
  • Fixed an issue where some customers experienced RetailPro 9 software failing on installation
  • Fixed an issue where some customers experienced N-Able Backup Manager failing
  • Fixed an issue with temp files being created for some customers when using an invalid URL for the Tray Icon
  • Improved the compatibility between AD Groups and Ringfencing Policies for better functionality
  • Fixed a performance issue that was experienced by some customers when adding new core files
  • Fixed an issue where core files could create high disk IO usage when a large number of patches was released
  • Resolved an issue where certain files were locked during the installation of some applications

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