Agent Version 6.3 Release Notes

1 min. readlast update: 04.08.2021

Improvements to Tamper Protection

Improvements to Ringfencing 

Fixes an issue where a process may be marked as Ringfenced if it uses the same process ID as a previous Ringfenced process. For example, if you opened Internet Explorer and that is Ringfenced, and then you close it, and you open Office and it is not Ringfenced, but it uses the same process ID, then it would have been Ringfenced. This issue has been resolved.

Improved logging to reduce the size of log files when there is a repeating error 

 In some circumstances where there was a repeating error, the log files could use massive amounts of space. This issue has been resolved.

Fix issue with Active Directory Groups 

There was an issue where group memberships may not work when the computer was unable to communicate with the domain controller on computer startup. This issue has been resolved.

Resolved issue with Computers not profiling correctly

There was an issue with the baseline and learning, not profiling all the files correctly

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