Agent Version 6.0

2 min. readlast update: 02.04.2021

This article contains the details on the features and fixes released with "ThreatLocker 6.0"

New Products

  • ThreatLocker Elevation introduced

New Features and Improvements  

  • Added Registry Key containing the current ThreatLocker Agent version installed on the Computer - "ThreatLockerVersion" 
  • Automatically Delete Temporary Files from the ThreatLocker folder when updates are completed.
  • Resolves an issue where Installed By was causing a match when installed by another application
  • Remote Presence introduced
  • Tray updated to a friendlier design
  • The tray icon is now able to be changed, you can also use (hide) to hide the tray icon, and (disable) to stop the tray from opening. 
  • Resolves an issue where if both Networking and Registry ringfencing were enabled, Registry ringfencing would not apply

Fixes and Improvements

  • Changed Timezone of Blocked Items in-tray, to the local time on the computer. 
  • Changed Timezone of Schedules to use the local time of the computer. 
  • Resolves an issue where a bug in older intel CPU's could cause a BSoD
  • Resolves an issue where a potential conflict with ESET could cause a BSoD
  • Made improvements to the core database, so when downloading on a computer with low amounts of memory, the core will be downloaded in subsections improving computer performance and reducing the risk of an out of memory error. 
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