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Agent Version 5.29

We are excited to announce our latest build, "ThreatLocker 5.29". The new build brings improvements and enhancements. The improvements are listed in order below:-

  1. Upon popular request, we have re-added support for Windows Server 2008 R1. 
  2. Added the ability to add a rule to the application process path for empty processes by adding [] in the process path
  3. Fixed an issue, where antivirus can block calculation of the Hash when updating ThreatLocker, causing the update the redownload multiple times
  4. Introduced a new version of the Tray - for all details of this feature please view the full article here
  5. Introduced the ability to monitor PowerShell commands (the first 100 characters of the command will be displaced under the action type of PowerShell)

If you wish to make use of 5.29, please perform the following steps. 

  1. Log into the ThreatLocker Portal. 
  2. Select the Computer Groups page. 
  3. Select the group you wish to test on. 
  4. Select the "Update ThreatLocker Version" 
  5. Select 5.29
  6. Wait for 2-3 minutes to give the agent chance to download the new build. 
  7. Select the computers page. 
  8. Select your computer, and select Restart Service. 
  9. Your computer should check in with 5.29 within a few minutes. 
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