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Adding Tax Certificates in the ThreatLocker Portal


It is in the best interest of qualifying organizations to upload a tax certificate to avoid being double taxed in their invoice. Organizations that may benefit from uploading a tax certificate include resellers and non-profit organizations that are taxing their clients.

How to Add a Tax Certificate

To add your organization's tax certificate in the ThreatLocker Portal, navigate to the Billing Page and click on the plus icon at the top right of the 'Tax Certificates' section.


In the 'Add New Tax Certificate popup' include 

  • Company Name
  • Certificate Number
  • Expiration Date (Optional)
  • Country
  • State (If applicable)
Note: Choosing your proper location will ensure that your tax is properly calculated and added to your invoice.

You can include a copy of the Tax Certificate as a .png or .pdf file by clicking on the 'Attach Certificate' button. Click the 'Submit' button once you have included all requested information. 


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