ThreatLocker Tray – Version 5.29

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The ThreatLocker Tray located on your Windows Taskbar has recently brought forth changes in its function. Along with those changes and a new and improved icon image, you are now able to execute a variety of tasks.

This article will cover the functionality of the new ThreatLocker Tray.

Before and After:

Note: You must be running ThreatLocker version 5.29

Blocked Files/User Requests

When a file is now blocked, a pop-up window that includes the file details will be displayed on the bottom right of your screen. Additionally, this window will only remain visible for 15 seconds before it disappears.


During these 15 seconds, you will be given three options:

  • Request Permission.
  • My Administrator is Present.
  • Ignore this file.

Request Permission

Selecting Request Permission will produce the following window:


Here, you may optionally enter:

  1. Your reason for the request.
  2.  An email address that you would like to receive notifications on in regard to the request.
Feature Coming Soon: You will soon be able to check the Upload File checkbox to upload the file in question up to the ThreatLocker Portal.
Note: Once the request has been officially sent, the dialog for this specific file will no longer appear. This is for an indefinite amount of time or until the ThreatLocker Tray History has been reset (More on resetting the tray history further below). 

My Administrator is Present

In the case that either your administrator is present or you are the administrator, you have the option to select My Administrator is Present.


When selected, the ThreatLocker Portal will be opened in your browser. You will be automatically directed to the ThreatLocker Approval Center to view the request. 

For more information on navigating the Approval Center please refer to our article — Approval Center – Revamped.

Note: If your ThreatLocker Portal session expired, or you were not previously logged in to the ThreatLocker Portal before selecting My Administrator Is Present, you will be asked to log in to the Portal. You will be redirected to the Approval Center upon login. 

Ignore this file

Selecting Ignore this file will ignore the request and prevent the dialog for this specific file from reappearing. Similarly to sending a request, once this has been selected, the dialog will not reappear in any circumstance until the tray history has been reset (More on resetting the tray history further below).

Additional Features

Right-Clicking the ThreatLocker Tray icon will result in three options:

  • Blocked Items.
  • Enter Override Key.
  • Reset History.

Blocked Items

This option will open the Blocked Items Window:


The Blocked Items window will display all files that have been blocked within the last 24 hours. It will include all files blocked for all usernames within the machine, including System, and will also display Ringfenced Items.

Key Notes:

  • You may refresh the window by selecting Reload on the top right corner.
  • You may select "View” on any file to repopulate the window on the bottom right corner.
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Enter Override Key

This option will allow you to enter your override code. Your override code will allow you to disable all blocking on the machine for 60 minutes. For more information on Override Codes, please refer to our article — ThreatLocker Override Codes.

Reset History

Selecting Reset History will delete all history pertaining previous requests and/or ignored files. This will allow you to receive a notification on a previously ignored or requested file.  

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