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Disable Tamper Protection

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The following article covers the steps required to disable Tamper Protection.

Note: Tamper Protection is now available for disabling on a single device.

Disabling Tamper Protection

  • Log into the ThreatLocker Portal.
  • Navigate to "Computers" from the left menu

  • Select "Maintenance Mode" on the desired PC.

  • The next pop-up will pull up the maintenance schedule.
  • Click the drop-down for "Maintenance Type" shown below.
  • Navigate to "Tamper Protection Disabled" mode

  • Finally, click "Add Maintenance Schedule" in order finish disabling Tamper Protection.
Note: The "End" button (as shown with red box below) confirms Tamper Protection being disabled is currently in use.

Additional Note: File and registry permissions will take effect on next check-in. For the service and driver permissions you will need to restart the service.